Welcome to Kanai Lal and Sons

'Kanai Lal and Sons' was established in 1940, at a time when India was still fighting to acquire independence from the British, during a time of financial and technical scarcity. Sh. Kanai Lal Bhowmick has keen visionaries and is a man of strict principles who always listens to what the customer wants rather than tells him what they have to offer, because of which his instruments are popular for their ease of use and adaptability to any environment. 

His son Sh. Subhas Bhowmick joined his father at teenage, have now vast experience in the field of musical instruments and leading the organization to the amazing heights. With an immense experience of more than 74 years in the field of music, we feel proud to introduce ourselves as the most professionally steered manufacturer and exporter providing all types of high quality musical instruments for sale in India and abroad.
(Note: There is no relation of Kanailal of the past with our company.)

The production facilities of Kanai Lal and Sons include cutting, design planning, polishing, carpentry, assembling, tuning, and packing, all under one roof. Emphasis has been placed on quality control with features such as pre-polishing, pre-tuning and pre packing inspections. Now, having come this far, "Kanai Lal and Sons " is committed to bring you, the world class instruments like Sitar, Sarod ,Esraj, Dilruba, Santoor, Harmonium, Tanpura and other strings Instruments along with Tabla, Guitar etc,at competitive  prices.

Being the pioneer in the art of making the string instruments , because of which 'Kanai Lal and Sons' is a household name in music circles, we have a diversified platform, and can now boast of an impressive array of musical instruments in our product line to compliment the discerning musician. Operating without interruption since its conception, our trained and efficient staff provides stringent and effective control over the complete manufacturing process, from raw material to the finished instruments. Only the best of seasoned woods are used for all our instruments, which give them the exceptional tonal quality that they are now famous for. 


We make Ustad Vilayat khan style sitar as well as Pt Ravi Shankar style sitars, Flat based sitar, modern style taraf grommets, synthetic bridge and inlaid pegs. Full decoration with beautiful woodcarving, built sturdy enough with a great tone reminiscent. The top tumba is fully carved, made from natural gourd with decorated soundhole (new model).Have lower profile main tuning pegs. Fiberglass cases, matching top tumba fiberglass case .The instruments are easier to handle, amplify and travel. 

Our company manufactures, supplies, and exports various kinds of Indian musical instruments to India and abroad. We have a long list of satisfied customers, which includes today’s world-famous musicians. We are thankful to all of our Artistes, Students, Instruments shop owners and our valuable customers in India and abroad, because of whose continued cooperation we have achieved this position.


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